Ninja Popup Blocker New

Where the art of Popup Blocking & Ninjutsu meet

Ninja Popup Blocker

Ninja Popup Blocker for Chrome & Firefox enables you to eliminate popups and redirects, redefining your internet browsing experience.


Designed as a complement to your browser, Ninja Popup Blocker blends in and only becomes apparent when a popup or redirect is detected. A very gorgeous, minimal and intuitive interface.


Armed with advanced technologies, Ninja Popup Blocker works discreetly to protect your browsing experience. Easy both on your computer’s CPU and memory. Engineered for maximum performance.


Ninja Popup Blocker is designed to work side by side your existing adblocking software, enabling you for even greater protection from ads and popups. The possibilities are endless.  


13,568 ft above sea level, on an isolated and remote part of the Himalayan mountains, lies a peak with a little antiquated wooden cabin. While very few individuals have seen who lodges in that quaint cabin, rumors have consumed villagers in a town below. Many tell a tale of a ninja who once was trained by Ra’s al Ghul himself and was a prominent member of the league of shadows. But after a disagreement he vanished. After a long and tense standoff, members of the fiveBrackets engineering team convinced him to come out of retirement. Those remarkable engineers trained him a special form of ninjutsu to expertly defend your computer from irritating popups.

chrome firefox

Platform(s): Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

Supported Language(s): Deutsch, English, Français, Türkçe, español, português (Brasil), svenska, 中文 (简体), 日本語, 한국어

Size: 646KiB

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